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Our Yoma Cove Suites, surrounded by the wild beauty of the island of Zakynthos, are fully equipped and create a holistic experience of hospitality and warmth. Yoma is founded upon the combination of simplicity and luxury.

Our complex includes 5 caved suites as well as a separate reception building. You can choose between our 2 Superior Suites (recommended for up to 5 people) and our 3 Junior Suites (recommended for up to 3 people). Yoma also offers an Accessible Suite option as one of our Junior Suites can be easily enjoyed by wheelchair users. Each Suite contains a comfortable living room space, an independent office space, a luxury bathroom and bedroom. The large glass doors lead to the spacious private patio and private pool. From there, one can enjoy the panoramic, natural scenery of our island as well as the Ionian Sea. Our visitor will, thus, feel the indoor-outdoor living experience to the fullest.

Our decoration is characterized by the island’s earthly palette. The contemporary architecture of Yoma Cove Suites, built in 2021, balances with the simplicity and architectural tradition of Zakynthos in perfect harmony. Yoma crates a unique but, at the same time, homy sense of serenity and luxury.

All five of the Yoma Cove Suites include their own, specially designed “work-from-anywhere station.” Any visitor who wishes to work remotely or spend part of his/her day completing business-related tasks, can do so, in a private, independent office space, within the Suite, only designed for this.
Room Size: 42m2
Private Patio: 65m2
Accessible Room Available
Room Size: 60m2
Private Patio: 45m2
Yoma cove suites
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