Monastery of st. George Kremnon

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In 1535, two local monks created, in the traditional village of Volimes, the first local monastery of st. George (also known as the “old monastery”). Following multiple pirate raids and earthquakes, this first monastery got destroyed. However, the central tower that was built in 1561 to guard the Holy Monastery from the pirates still remains its symbol. 
Many important figures of the Orthodox Faith are linked to this monastery. Most notably Gerasimos Notaras and st. Gerasimos, the patron of Kefalonia.

The route to the monastery is breathtaking. One will not only experience the wild beauty of northwestern Zakynthos but also a view of Shipwreck Beach. If you chose to visit the Monastery, we suggest you also make a stop to admire the nearby Anafonitria Monastery as well.
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