Makris Gialos Beach

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Makris Gialos, one of the most beautiful beaches of our island, is located near Yoma Cove Suites and the adjacent port of Agios Nikolaos.

Just a few meters away from the central highway, Makris Gialos is surrounded by red rocks, tall trees as well as traditional tavernas and restaurants. The beach is full of sea shells and a very good choice for visitors who enjoy unorganized beaches but want to be in close proximity to a variety of different food options. Around the see you will notice the beach’s mysterious caves. Many visitors chose to swim through them and climb up its rocks. 
To access the beach is very easy. Visitors will find parking spots across the main road just meters away from its crystal-clear waters. 

Tip: There are few sunbeds and umbrellas at Makris Gialos. However, because of its popularity, they run out quickly. So, if you are visiting in July and August, it would be smart to be suitably equipped. 
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