Xygia Beach

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A few kilometers away from Yoma Cove Suites one can find a heavenly spot. Xygia Beach is a beautiful bay with crystal clear waters that you are bound to fall in love with. It is easily accessible and has a few parking slots. Above the beach you will find a little canteen, surrounded by trees. From there, the view of the Ionian Sea is breathtaking. To get to the beach just follow the staircase. Your first dive into the waters is sure to remain unforgettable. 

Why are the waters of Xygia Beach so unique? 
This beach is not only spectacular due to its green and rocky surroundings. Its waters have healing properties due to their sulfur content. Sulfur comes from the adjacent caves and is said to help in a variety of different health problems such as chronic pain and arthritis.
Xygia Beach would be an ideal choice after long hours of walking around and exploring our island. 

Tip: In case you would like a quick snack or beverage, there is no need to take the stairs up and down to the canteen. The beach is equipped with a special mechanism that will bring you what you need without having to move almost at all from the comfort of your towel or beach bed.
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