Blue Caves, Agios Nikolaos

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Zakynthos is famous for its rich musical tradition, the one-of-a-kind beaches, the National Marine Park where the Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs. But it still has one more pleasant surprise for any visitor. The magical Blue Caves.
In close proximity to cape Skinari, and near Yoma Cove Suites, lie the Blue Caves. The Caves, with their wild yet peaceful beauty, took their name from the reflection of their waters. By visiting them with a glass-bottom boat, one can even see the magnificent flora and fauna that stands under the mysterious see. Whoever visits the Caves is instantly captured by the natural scenery, the one-of-a kind blue colour, and the imposing shape of the Caves themselves.
You can only reach them by boat. From Agios Nikolaos you will find many organized daily tours that will take you there and give you time to experience their beauty. 
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